Polskie Konopie S.A.
We prove that hemp has a positive impact on life. We analyse carabis, and how the market has grown over the years in Poland and worldwide.
Mission & Values
Polskie Konopie is a company focused on cannabis popularisation. Our goal is to focus on what’s local and close to nature.

We believe that cannabis is a powerful plant that has a notably positive influence on health. We see Polskie Konopie as an valued organisation, worldwide.
About Us

Polskie Konopie is an innovative company operating in the cannabis industry with its roots in wellness and dietary supplements.

The Polskie Konopie leadership and team has extensive experience in processing and distributing, and we have been involved in the health and wellness industry for over 15 years.

Our chief area of operation is in the processing of hemp into oil containing cannabinoids, including CBD with the intention for use in food and supplements. All our products are crafted with FMCG and e-commerce distribution in mind.

Our core values
The company values that we adhere to in harmony with nature.
  • Local resources
    The production of our products is supported by small local businesses.
  • Transparency
    We talk openly about our products and the values we hold dear.
  • Environment awareness
    We care about the environment from end-to-end and throughout the production process.
  • Getting back to nature
    We create our products in harmony with nature, from natural dried hemp.
  • Highest standards
    Safe production processes are paramount and compliant with the highest quality control standards for our industry.
  • Ecological products
    We only use ecological and fully tested ingredients in the production process.
Cannabi nature
Cannabis Nature hemp products are made from natural dried hemp. Our offers include hemp seeds, hemp protein, and crunch.
Why Cannabis?
Hemp products are rich in essential nutrients which support and compliment a healthy diet.

✔ Zinc, magnesium, iron
✔ Omega 3 and 6
✔ Great source of protein (up to 50%)
✔ Great source of fibre
Quick facts
Cannabis market share in Poland and Worldwide.
✔ In 2019 the cannabis industry worldwide was valued at 5 billion USD.
✔ It’s estimated to see a 34% annual increase.
✔ By 2026 it is forecast to be valued at 36 billion USD.
✔ Cannabis and hemp cultivation in Poland has reached up to 3000 ha. nationwide.
✔ The value of the European cannabis industry is estimated to grow up to 36 billion USD by 2027.
✔ The Polish medical marihuana market is estimated to grow up to 2 billion EUR by 2028.
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Polskie Konopie S.A. have implemented a project co-financed by European Funds under the Operational Smart Growth Program 2014-2020, priority axis III. "Support for innovation in enterprises", Measure 3.3 "Support for the promotion and internationalisation of innovative enterprises", Sub-measure 3.3.1 "Polish Technological Bridges". The aim of the project is:

The introduction of Polish Hemp products on the United States market by October 16, 2024.
EU funding for the project: PLN 200,000.00.
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